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Innovators in the support surface industry for over 20 years, Biologics has a strong foundation in pressure redistribution technology development. Biologics originally developed the Fluid Immersion SimulationTM software technology for the United States Navy, Marine Mammal Program. This provided the foundation for the development of anti-surface support technology based on the dolphin transportation system.

In 1997 Biologics, Inc. under contract with the United States Navy began development of the Fluid Immersion SimulationTM software technology. The surface was originally designed for the purpose of long range transportation of trained marine mammals (dolphins and seals). The surface performed very well, minimizing the effects of soft tissue strain due to the shear forces of the surface against the dolphin's body. Today Biologics brings this advanced technology to the general public and produces pressure redistribution surfaces for hospital beds, operating room tables and other various surfaces used in the healthcare environment.

Marine Mammal Study of Heavy-Metal Contamination
US Naval Station, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica / National Science Foundation

Microprocessor Analysis
Advanced 3D
Waveform Analysis
A State of Nuetral Boyancy

Learn more about Fluid Immersion Simulation
Learn more about our Fluid Immersion Simulation Software which provides real-time 3D waveform analysis and active pressure redistribution via our anti-support surfaces for the health care industry.

What is an Anti-Support Surface?
Learn more about why we call our support surfaces "Anti-Support" surfaces.